What if the concerts were announced by the trees in which birds are singing? This will require anyone to notice that a bird settled down at a specific place and, for instance, sings only at night time. Then it is possible to invite the listeners:

“Dear friends, my bird is in place! Tonight, when I came back home, I heard it again where it was the last time. It means that such trees were favored by the bird where it, possibly, nests. Therefore, I invite you to the concerts! They take place almost every night in the tree near gas station”.

“Almost every” is, possibly, because the “performer” sometimes is not willing to sing. But this situation can also occur at an usual concert. It is not new tell. Generally speaking, a Concert near gas station even more resembles the usual concert: there you also never know what you are going to hear — will “it” happens? Whether or not “a bird will sing”? And if “no” — you will anyway hear something. In case of a real bird — you will hear sounds of environment, trees, and gas station near which such bird was settled down.

I would like to write something like that about the concert in Rosenhöhe Park. To say that this all directly relates to the performance is to tell a lie.