Epicurity and grunting

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Vladimir Gorlinsky, «Bramputapsel No1»

Bramputapsels by Vladimir Gorlinsky are abstract fairy-tale creatures.

In reality, the listener watches as Natalya Pshenichnikova, a virtuoso of unconventional performing techniques whose extreme vocals have adorned many famous projects in Perm, from Russian Poor to Nosferatu, takes a microphone and starts throwing clicks, hisses, and whistles into space. It is a stream of various voice and articulation techniques, a carnival of sound production consistent with the creative and scientific interests of Gorlinsky. But as soon as the image is declared, we will take the opportunity to develop it.

First, the bramputapsel rolls rapidly along an inclined surface, stumbling loudly on every bump. Next, the creature buzzes with its trunks, waves its tentacles, and furrows the ground with its tail (tails?). Later, the brumpitapsel reveals the rudiments – but only the rudiments – of speech skills: “… you take the night away ..” Finally, he turns on the propeller, with which he goes flying along a wagging rhythmic trajectory.

As a result, such a restless post-apocalyptic bun emerges.

Long live freedom of interpretation!

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