The composition teaching

The composition teaching

I am expanding my online teaching activities to teach English-speaking students. The main topic is composition, but not limited. Few examples:

  • various compositions techniques from the past to the present
  • musical instruments and everything connected to them (extensions, preparations, recomposing)
  • different types of instrumentation in the modern perspective, the boundary between acoustic and electronic sound (the awareness of a sound reproduction system as an independent instrument)
  • notation and everything related to the recording of sound and non-sound ideas; performative bodily practices and their transition into sound and instrumental areas
  • how the sound works in a theater, the specifics of working with text, working with a local and spatial sound
  • my separate interest is the spatial experiences of music and the awareness of the spatial component as a compositional instrument.

The structure of all sessions will be carefully analyzed, discussed, and adapted to a student’s needs and preferences. From my teaching experience, most students usually take 4-6 months of weekly meetings to master a chosen topic.

I would love to hear from you:

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