Flute, Clarinet bass, Trombone, Piano / Electronics, Percussion, Cello, Metal sheet


Broomstick — instrument from "Ultimate Granular Paradise" score by Vladimir Gorlinsky

Ultimate Granular Paradise is my prediction of our common future. I perceive art in general, and music in particular to be the strongest stimulant of feelings, having its power over the human consciousness.

Frequently art is the same product of consumption as the goods lying on the supermarket’s shelf. If looking forward, in case of total consumption art cannot use complex ideas incomprehensible to common people. It has to use only simple constructions familiar to the particular consumer group. Then it is under that logic that the objects of art soon will turn to a sort of “pills of happiness”, stimulants of pleasure for the people who use them.

My piece reproduces the condition when the limen of pleasure is as much exceeded, that the situation of perception turns to its antipode — hyper-informational hell with an infinite euphoria and media doping of feelings. These are “UltiMedia” (“definitive media”), which represent Ultimate Granular Paradise.


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