Spectral techniques


Examples in the compositions:


< 2007 >

The composition “Gravitation-Space” was written for a large cast. The instrumentation is full of the extended wind ensemble, including varieties of woodwinds and brass, electronic instruments (electric and bass guitar), and a drum kit. In contrast to the apparent possibilities of the ensemble (a large brass band, jazz-rock orientation), a single homogeneous sound is created in the piece. Colors, timbre, and spectral techniques of sound are essential here.An essential component of the idea is the model: gravity-space. It is a model of the gravitational time change (formulated in the general theory of relativity). The appropriate analogy is applied: musical material’s......

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< 2006 >

In the piece Beiklang ("Overtone"), I used an unusual instrument — a trumpet with two bells. This instrument allows the performer to quickly change the timbres, creating the effects of a smoothly changing sound (the morphing of sound). Again, I used various instrument preparations to achieve a "different" sound character.The piece is based on sound synthesis in a completely acoustic performance structure (without electronics). Here there is no purpose to receiving a sound comparable to electronic synthesis; the idea, more likely, is a metaphor and attempt to recreate synthesis processes of a sound in convents of live concert hall acoustics.......

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