Milan, Italy
Time: 20:30
Venue: Fabbrica del Vapore
Address: Via Giulio Cesare Procaccini, 4
Country: Italy

The symmetrical layout of this concert sees Vladimir Gorlinsky, the last generation of the previous century, sandwiched between two composers born in the 1950s. But the three songs’ composition dates are close, making the comparison more interesting.

In the piece “Author” will reveal the new nuances of the exploratory vein of Philippe Hurel, the most agé of the composers on the program.

Also very recent is ‘Isn’t sonic’, written for the pianist Dmitry Batalov by Vladimir Gorlinsky, an eclectic composer, improviser, and experimenter of sound architectures and spatial compositions.

Finally, a little further away, we will listen to Marco Di Bari’s First Sonata, written in the years in which chaos theory and fractal geometry escaped from the scientific to the artistic territory (where, moreover, we can discover that they had already entered for some time): concerning to music, fractal processes offer new horizons for the exploration of sound, rhythm, and form.

The programm:

Philippe Hurel (1955)
Autour (2019)

Vladimir Gorlinsky (1984)
Isn’t sonic for piano and pocket electronics (2021)

Marco Di Bari (1958)
First Sonata (1994)

Dmitry Batalov piano