27.08.2022 28.08.2022
Vyksa, Russia
Time: 12:00
Venue: Art-Ovrag Festival
Country: Russian Federation

“Khorokhod-2” by composer Vladimir Gorlinsky will go on a procession through the streets, squares and city parks together with the Great Vyksa Choir and the N’Caged Music Ensemble. The performance director is one of the main characters of the modern art scene, artist Katya Bochavar.

Guests will have to explore the urban space through sound. And a course of their lives through the movement. The route starts from school number 8 and leads along winding forest paths to the pension fund.

With the help of voice and actions prescribed by the composer in the score, the participants will create a “choir-scape” — a three-dimensional sound impression of each point of the route.