Berlin, Germany
Time: 22:00
Venue: Akademie der Künste
Address: Hanseatenweg 10
Country: Germany

The Berlin-based real-time music scene is regarded as the epitome of the underground and is the legitimate successor to the free improvisation scene and free jazz movement of the 1970s. In Moscow, the improv scene did not emerge from jazz as it did in other places, but rather from composed music. Its main protagonists are classically trained composers who have benefited from the New Music scene that blossomed in Moscow around 2010 and, after the radical change in cultural policy, was forced out to the fringe scene.
How do these two currents work when brought together; what emerges, if the underlying philosophies clash? Four leading members of the Moscow improv scene will meet members of the Splitter Orchester and present a performance that they developed together beforehand in rehearsal.