Berlin, Germany
Time: 19:30
Address: Herzbergstraße 40-43
Zipcode: 10365
Country: Germany

The Ensemble KNM Berlin will perform new works dealing with the phenomenon of the street at the opening on September 2nd at FAHRBEREITSCHAFT.

With the title »Spatial Flashes«, Vladimir Gorlinsky has created a site-specific work in 2021 to be performed in various indoor and outdoor spaces of FAHRBEREITSCHAFT. In deliberate contrast to the industrial area, he based the performances on a timetable that is not oriented to industrialised standard time but to the course of the times of day. Thus, within the series of works, one finds titles such as »Sunrise« or »Sunset«, which also refer to the outside while listening on the inside.

  • Vinyl -terror & -horror (DNK) »Pflaster polka« (2022) for flute, trumpet, drums, accordion, violin, violoncello, double bass and video *
  • Anton Koshelev (UKR): »complex personality« (2020) version for violin, viola, violoncello and double bass *
  • Vladimir Gorlinsky (RUS) from: »Spatial Flashes« * (2021) »The listening window III«, »Intermedia«, »Sunrise«, »High Sun«, »Sunset« for flute with megaphone, bass clarinette, bassoon with megaphone, trumpet, trombone, drums and amplified violin, viola, violoncello, double bass and aluminium rods
  • Vinyl -terror & -horror (DNK) live set / turntables
  • Ensemble KNM Berlin* Commissioned work by the Ensemble KNM Berlin