01.10.2022 10.10.2022
Bornem, Belgium
Time: 09:00
Venue: CC Ter Dilft
Country: Belgium

The installation by Sofie Vanden Eynde, Annemarie Peeters, Emilie Lauwers, Vladimir Gorlinsky, Mikhail Myasoedov and David Carney presents the autobiographical concert Verdwijntijd will lead to an installation/performance at Lunalia for the first time. In a fifteen-hour performance Sofie Vanden Eynde evokes the process of burnout. From sunrise (06.18h) to sunset (21.02h): from having time and being time to grinding time. From man to machine, from silence to noise. Composers Vladimir Gorlinsky and Mikhail Myasoedov create fifteen hours of soundscapes and music, especially for this performance. Sofie plays, rests and rests less and less. In the late afternoon Sofie’s frenetic search reaches an inevitable breaking point. What if the measure of life falters? Or even comes to a complete standstill? Who are we then? Fifteen people from Mechelen search for an answer together with her.