Time: 20:00
Venue: GES 2
Address: Bolotnaya Naberezhnaya, 15
Country: Russion Federation
Phone: +7 (495) 990 0000

“Musicians in the Assembly Hall are located unusually. It is an “inverted” concerto: the conductor stands behind the audience and invisibly controls the musicians. The performers sit not only on the stage, they, in fact, “encircle” the entire hall with sound. The movements of sound create the geometry of sound space, which is graphically notated in the score (the musical text is folded into patterns, the location of which indicates the movement of sound in space). The piece “After” is my reaction to the devastation and crisis – of identity and self-identity.” (Vladimir Gorlinsky)

Salvatore Sciarrino
“Voices behind the glass” (1998)
For voice and ensemble

Vladimir Gorlinsky
“After” (Post) (2022 world premiere)
Designed to order and produced by the V-A-C Foundation


Assistance in writing code for the spatial component of the play: Mikhail Myasoedov

Music editor-proofreader: Yulia Gorlinskaya

Moscow Ensemble of Contemporary Music (MASM)

Maria Alikhanova flute
Anastasia Tabankova oboe
Oleg Tantsov clarinet
Valentin Puzankov bassoon
Philip Korolkov horn
Ilya Feropontov trumpet
Andrian Princes trombone
Mikhail Dubov piano
Anastasia Alferova harp
Anton Pleskach drums
Timofei Kalashnik percussion
Evgeny Subbotin violin
Emil Salaridze viola
Olga Demina cello
Leonid Bakulin double bass

Arina Zvereva soprano
Fedor Lednev conductor
Victoria Korshunova director of MASM