At the beginning of your acquaintance with new music, its canvas may seem like a patchwork blanket with holes in places, but if you look closely, the most complex patterns appear. All sorts of guidebooks will help with this practice. Not literary, but genuine in the context of the question – musical.
The piece “Follow the light. Journey through the ensemble”, the young composer Vladimir Gorlinsky composed for the “Studio of New Music” festival. The score turns into a magnifying glass and is “walked through” the capabilities of an ensemble of first-class soloists. The first part of the work is called “Village of Miracles” – this is how Gorlinsky feels the team has potential. Starting from this abundance, the sound begins to “travel” from instrument to instrument. Stops will include double bass, violin, and clarinet solos – the instruments are sounded using advanced instrumental techniques, that is, unconventional sound production techniques.
The maximum concentration of the solo occurs in the second movement. According to the composer, the soloist’s task involves overcoming oneself, the instrument, and technical limits. Perhaps this overcoming is also necessary for the listener to meet new music beyond the usual boundaries.