The sleep of the mind birth music

“This year, the artistic director of games, Boris Filanovsky, came up with tricky themes for composers: “Futurological Congress. eNsemble to the future” and “A dream of mind. The eNsemble creates monsters.” The theme allows you to orient the “electorate” of listeners in outlandish acoustic abstractions, which they are treated to. Vladimir Gorlinsky from Moscw won the “Congress” with his piece “Ultimate Granular Paradise”. The author here dealt with the psychotropic effect of the total media field, which, not today or tomorrow, “finally granulates” the world, turning it into an ominous hyper-information hell “with endless euphoria, with media doping of feelings ,” as the abstract prophecies. Vladimir Gorlinsky is very young, a student of the Moscow Conservatory, but he is mature and skilled beyond his years. Deliberately complex language with curtsies towards the French spectralists still betrays in him a student’s subservience to idols. On the other side of the scale is the music of rare manufacture, the work of a serious maestro.”

Vladimir Rannev