Sound art: how to expose sound

“In the interdisciplinary field of art at the intersection of technology and music, sound art is only a part that allows you to actively experiment and get an unpredictable experience of listening and hearing. Composer and author of spatial plays Vladimir Gorlinsky explain the experience of interacting with a piece of music by the state of “meta-transition”: “When the viewer (listener) is inside the space of the play (musical work), there is no longer a division into “here I am sitting in the hall or at home and listening, and the performer is somewhere on the stage,” in this case, along with the spatial movement of sound, a “meta-transition” has already happened to him,” and if we direct this moment, then we can make it feel what is happening with the space, changed by sound, in all its poignancy.

Sound in the hands of sound artists is the material with which they build various forms in the form of installations, sculptures, and performances, adding multiple technological tools, video files, and acoustic techniques to them, immersing the listener inside the scores and improvisational compositions . The search for form in this direction, as in any other form of contemporary art, is endless: art objects acquire the most unpredictable images, and technology makes it possible to make them either static or changing over time.”

Olga Prokhodtseva


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